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An SMSF loan is a type of home loan used by a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to purchase an investment property. The return on investment from a SMSF loan can be either capital gains from a property sale, or rental income generated at regular intervals.

SMSF loans help you save for the future while capitalising on a favorable real estate market.

In order to benefit from your super fund, it’s important to weigh up your options and obtain financial advice from a reputable company. Award Mortgage can help you buy an investment property to ensure your future financial security.

Purpose of SMSF Loan

Purchasing residential property for investment

non-specialized commercial property for investment

Refinance an SMSF loan from another financial institution 

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What do you need to prepare

Are you ready to apply for a SMSF loan? Would you like to leverage your hard-earned capital? If you’d like to learn more information, our expert brokers are happy to assist you and answer all your questions.
To apply for a SMSF loan, you will need to provide the following documents:
  • Certified copy of the SMSF Trust Deed
  • Certified copy of Custodian Trust Deed
  • Financial information to ensure serviceability
  • Full copy of contract of sale

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